How to protect your WordPress site from spammers

Published: 2017-09-18 9:20 am | admin

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With regards to managing the content or website development, WordPress is among the top picks for a lot of website admins, bloggers as well as business owner. It’s simple to install, use and is super adaptable, and with the extensive number of expert WordPress plug-ins and themes, anyone can get the feeling that they’re responsible for everything that occurs on their WordPress sites. WordPress provides a lot of web development services however; there are some possibilities that you may experience spammers on your site. In order to protect your site from spammers there are some plug-ins that WordPress provide to its users. Continue reading the article and know about all such plug-ins.


Best Plug-ins to protect your site from Spammers:

  • Akismet:

    All the new installations of WordPress come pre-installed automatically with Akismet. This is a standout among the most prominent plugins that are used for the protection from spammers. This spam security plug-in has been developed with the latest industry standards and is able to eliminate about 9.9% spam. This works 24/7 however, all you need to have is an API key to run this plug-in.
  • WP-SpamShield:

    WP-SpamShield is an easy to understand anti-spam plugin that will enable you to manage with spammers such as fake registrations, spam comments and it will also watch out for the incoming trackbacks to ensure you’re not connecting to any harmful website. This plugin works in the background. That implies you should simply initiate this plugin and let it do its work.

  • CleanTalk:

    CleanTalk, plugin that is used for spam protection, does everything that both the plugins (discussed above) do. CleanTalk keeps spammers totally disengaged from your site and you’re just required to watch out for the general performance after a few days. The one element that this module stands out with is the way that you can check your current WordPress comments against the possible spammers. That is one of the best feature that no other plugin is offering. This can significantly lessen the quantity of spam comments on your site in the event that you haven’t checked them against spam over the couple of years and also can help you in your website development by eliminating all the spammers.
  • Anti Spam Plugin:

    This spam protection plugin, with a good rating, consequently blocks spam in your comments area, yet it works in background and can’t be seen by users or administrators. This plugin subsequently deals with spammers in a way that you don’t have to do much yourself, so, there is no settings page and there are no control lines as Anti-spam handles everything itself for you. Basically you just need to install this plugin and let it do its work.
  • Antispam Bee:

    All the spam protection plugins are also web development services that help in developing our site in a more accurate and perfect way. Antispam Bee is another spam protection plugin that blocks all the spam trackbacks and comments. This well known protection plugin only recognize the approved commentators and it trusts only those with a WordPress Gravatar. This plugin additionally looks for the local spam database for spammers and tells the administrators about all the incoming spam.
So, in order to protect your site from spammers, install any of the above mentioned plugin and enjoy spam free website.  

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