Website Design Trends 2015-Real Game Changer

Published: 2015-12-03 9:37 am | admin

In past several years, a rapid shift in all information technology fields including the web designing domain has been observed. In digital culture, we think our output as products that might be apps, websites and our clients as users that can be the startups or agencies.

Trends like seasons do change every year and same happens in 2015. Like always, a great number of new styles and layouts in web designing are trending this year. We have picked some of the great design ideas for you to watch in rest of the year.

  1. Simplicity is Still Golden:

Sites overloaded with text and images have never been much appreciated by users. Earlier, web design was all about being focused, simple, quick and apt. This year, it hasn’t taken radically a different turn and websites continue to be simplified with focus on responsiveness. Simplicity is taking over the glut of features used to enhance conversion rate. Moreover, it’s dictating the way visitor’s interaction with on-page content. is a good example.

Build the concept of simplicity with bright and bold yet easily approachable visual identity.   Don’t exhaust the visitors and always try to reduce the clutter in a user interface (UI) while designing a web. Your target devices must handle the level nuance or else, you will be out of luck.

  1. Responsive Design:

Many websites have already been modified for smartphone and tablet users. Google announced that mobile-friendly web pages will be graded higher on the mobile searches, responsive web design becomes imperative rather a trend only.

The best thing about web responsiveness is seamless shifting of page sizes without compromising on quality or user experience. Another benefit of this minimal design trend is that it helps in reducing the page weight plus the loading time. For instance, works flawlessly on all devices.   

Your design should be compatible with specific capabilities and screen sizes of the devices from where user is supposed to access the site.  This year, responsive design will remain expanding across all available platforms.

  1. Rich, Dynamic Backgrounds

For some time now, large-image backgrounds are quite observant but this year designers have decided to kick it up a notch. May be they got inspiration from 3-D movies or what, but it is a fact that users also love accessing the sites with rich and dynamic backgrounds.

In cutting edge designs, balancing the ins and outs of three-dimensional graphics is playing a significant role in transforming the professional web designing game. Well, we are expecting to see fully responsive HD-quality audiovisual backgrounds on sites this year. Now is the time to stray from typical static images and use of the power of dynamics to attract audience.

  1. Typography:

It is the time to make your site bigger, bolder, better with typography. This trend is all set to enhance the usability effects and the overall aesthetics of the websites. This year, people are using it to deliver their brand message.  Large visual headers like in are also helpful in this regard and you will see more bold yet clear fonts herein. Taking spotlight on the web, a responsive typography will surely help in providing a superior reading experience.

It is not easy to manage the typographic rhythm and keep it consistent especially when it’s responsive but great designers are working on it and we are expecting to see many developments in the same this year.  We don’t think that philosophy of clearly readable content is going anywhere.

  1. Scrolling

Emphasis on scrolling is also going to take center stage this year. Key reason behind is the extensive rise in use of mobile devices. From there, people actually start loving the web pages that scroll. Check out featuring this trend.

Besides, a convenient thing to do, scrolling is our habit now. Its more mobile-friendly and hence, offers dynamic interaction as users don’t have to click a lot just to get a single information. Scrolling removes this clunky experience from our lives. Well, no one is suggesting to have one page site but you can make your homepage dynamic with this feature.

Shifting and drifting in web designing means we have to be more serious and professional to serve users in much better way. This, in turn, reflects an imperative change in the designer’s skills suite. They may use the same tools as before but, today their responsibilities lie beyond the interface. For this, they need to stay in touch with industry trends. Ghost buttons, Split screens and Hidden Menus are also in trend but again it all depends on your client’s preference.

Never forget that only a balanced composition and aesthetic symmetry feels right, stable and capable of pleasing the users. Be careful and arrange the positive elements of design to encounter negative space so that no one area seems overpowering the other ones in the entire design.

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