How to Recover Lost SEO Ranking

Published: 2017-08-04 8:03 am | admin

tips to recover the seo ranking
Google is like an 11 year old child, constantly changing their likings and demanding new things. I’m talking, if it wasn’t obvious already, about Google’s search results indexing algorithm. Google’s algorithm is updated frequently. These changes can have a negative impact on the ranking of your site (and often they do). Has your site’s ranking been victimized by a change in Google’s algorithm? Looking for ways to reinstate your site to the oh-so-glorious number 1 spot in the search engine results page? Look no further, here a few tips from Dynasty’s expert SEO team about what you can do to regain your SEO ranking:

  • Use social media

I bet you weren’t expecting this! Jokes apart, it’s an undeniable fact that social media is the Holy Grail for most ecommerce businesses nowadays. Over a quarter of the world’s population is active on social media (Facebook alone has over 1.8 billion active users!). You can start promoting your site on your social media outlets, which in turn can increase your traffic. And, increased traffic automatically translates to a higher search ranking.

  • Perform a backlinks analysis

Backlinks are like recommendations. A good backlink is when a site with a high DA (Domain authority) links back to your site. A bad backlink is one which is paid or which is spam. Sometimes, another site’s webmaster might delete the link to your site, which can indefinitely lead to a decreased trust rating of your domain. A low trust rating means damaged Search Engine rankings. Another possibility is a manual penalty Recovery by Google. These are clearly pointed out in Google’s Webmaster Tools, under the Search Traffic – Manual Actions menu. Fixing a manual penalty is very difficult. You’ve a better shot at a better SEO ranking after deleting the page affected by the penalty instead of appealing against it.   To get over the first issue, simply contact the webmaster and request him/her to reinsert the link to your site!

  • Pump out amazing content

Users want amazing content. That amazing content is responsible for keeping the user happy with your site. A happy user is Google’s ultimate objective. Get my point? Start updating your blog with some useful, resourceful content for the visitors. They might share your articles in their social circles, which will lead to increased traffic. They might even recommend your site as a whole within their social circle. All this will result in Google rewarding your site with an increased search ranking! Again, Google’s main goal is keep visitors happy. If your content pleases your visitors, then consider yourself next in the queue for an improved SEO ranking!

  • Tailor your website

It is vital that your site is optimized for search engine spiders and users alike. Your site should be responsive, should load quickly etc. Things like a long loading time, old visual features, long forms etc. are not appreciated by search engine spiders and users. These issues contribute to a higher bounce rate, which is pivotal in your search engine ranking falling. Always keep Google’s Webmaster guidelines in mind when revamping your site. To fix all of this without breaking your bank or your neck, contact us today! Our expert SEO  Services team Dubai comprising of experienced professionals including web developers etc. will give you a huge bang for your buck!    

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