Types of Facebook Ads

Published: 2016-12-27 12:33 pm | admin

In the last ten years, social media marketing has taken a giant leap from being a preferred add-on to traditional marketing strategies to a vital cornerstone in contemporary marketing plans. Consequentially, leading social media platforms such as Facebook start adopting ad-oriented methods to generate profits. With the continuous and rapid development of social media platforms, developing a successful social media marketing strategy became more challenging. In an attempt to simplify social media marketing specifically on Facebook, we are to break down the types of ad offered by the social media tycoon and how your business can benefit from each one respectively.

Dynamic Product Ads and Multi-Product Ads

DPA is based on connecting your online catalog to Facebook’s ad unit, and when someone looks up an item on your store then visit Facebook, it will fetch an ad for the same item they looked up and then post it in the ad space. Reportedly, the returns DPA generated for the online booking service Booking.com were good enough to be compared to their profits generated from search engines. While DPA is still in its infancy as a social media marketing method, it is promising sufficiently to be seriously considered. Multi-Product Ads are considered ideal for eCommerce websites because it gives them the opportunities to promote several products at the same time. It supports up to five products, and each product can have an associated picture, a brief description, and a clickable link. Canvas on Facebook mobile represent another useful derivative of the Multi-Product Ads approach.

Domain Ads and Page Post Link

Domain Ads are the simple advertisements you see on the right of every page when you open Facebook on a PC. Their Click-Through Rate (CTR) may have declined lately, but they still represent a viable option for a starting business due to their relatively cheap cost. PPL is the most popular among all the types of Facebook ads because it is perfect to promote any website. PPL represent another kind of Newsfeed-exclusive ads that have performed very well recently. As long as you make sure that all comments on your added are responded to, PPL should be an easy way to broaden your customer base.

Events-Based Ads

The good thing about events and offers-based ads is that they can be omnipresent wherever the user goes on Facebook. They can be placed in the right column, the newsfeed on both mobile and PC versions of Facebook. They are an excellent way to attract more visitors to promotional events and introduce more clients to your products by advertising generous offers.


Facebook provides a plethora of social media marketing services that fit every business objective. Choosing the ad type you go with rests entirely on the goal you are trying to achieve, the amount you are willing to invest, and the time you can afford to see returns on your investment. As the niche of digital marketing continues to grow, more businesses in the UAE start to get involved once they realize the benefits they can reap. Digital marketing in Dubai and other significant financial centers around the world has hit new heights in recent years, and if you are not yet involved, it is about time you start.

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