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Published: 2017-09-06 5:15 am | admin

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Ranking at the top in a search engine results page is an objective of almost every Dubai based or any other webmaster. Many webmasters hire SEO services in Dubai to help increase their organic rankings.

Most digital marketing services providers tend to use the power of search engines to drive traffic to their client’s website and eventually increase their sales. One major part of SEO services Dubai providers’ SEO blueprint is the usage of the Google Search Console. How so, you might ask?

Here are a few ways the Search Console can help you increase your traffic:

1. Optimization and improvement of sources of traffic:

Google’s Search Console effectively tells you where your traffic is coming from, whether it is from organic search, paid advertisements etc.

Additionally, the search console also shows which social media outlets contribute traffic to your site. For instance, whether visitors come from Facebook or Instagram. This can help you choose which outlet to invest more in. Moreover, the Search Console also provides information about which keyword contributes the highest amount of traffic to your site through organic search. You can tally this with the keywords you have thought of as your site’s focus keywords and then purge out the keywords performing poorly, consequently replacing them with better ones.

2. Mobile friendly optimization:

Many well-known marketers and Google’s representatives have stated that user experience plays a huge role in how your site is ranked in a Google search engine results page. Thanks to the Mobile Friendly update in 2015, Google has started prioritizing sites that have responsive designs instead of sites that use a generic/desktop interface on all platforms.

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You can use the Google Search Console to find out whether your site is mobile friendly or not. If it’s not, then get it responsive as soon as possible! Last thing you want is a loss in possible traffic just because of a small shortcoming!

3. Search engine indexing status:

Google released an update in the start of August, after which webmasters got the ability to view the “index coverage report”. This report tells webmasters about the pages being indexed by Google and the pages which Google is unable to index.

Suggestions on fixing the issues causing the inability to index pages are given within the report too, along with the exact number of pages of your site currently being indexed by Google.

After reading the report you may request a manual crawl by Google so that selective pages of your site (which have not been indexed yet) may be added to their database.

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4. Backlink analysis:

The Search Console shows the details of sites pointing/linking back to your site. Although backlinks are usually good, they can turn out to be harmful for your site’s search engine ranking in some cases.

E.g. if you rank really well in a niche/set of keywords, your competitor might try to discredit your site by:

A. Making spammy comments on your blog posts

B. Having a lot of spoofy sites link to your site

Google usually penalizes spammy links, which is why it is very vital to regularly check your backlinks to filter out spammy ones. This can be done using the Search Console, with an extra perk of being able to ‘disavow’ false/spammy links, which tells Google to ignore the backlink during your site’s crawling/analysis.

So, all in all, these are the methods you can use to increase your traffic using Google’s search console. Which one will you be using? Tell us below in the comments!

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  1. These are very interesting ideas. I think you should help me understand backlink analysis reports in the next blog because I face difficulty in understanding every point in the reports generated… which are the best tools for getting backlink analysis reports? Should we only rely on Google?

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