The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Published: 2017-10-09 10:53 am | admin

benefits of consumers stories in Digital Marketing
According to some researches, it was demonstrated that stories about the positive experience of consumer with a brand fundamentally increment clients’ engagement with brand’s sites, and stories told by the customers are particularly effective in forming a reputation of a newly launched brand in online networking. All the social media marketing services suggest the brands to insert a review or story portion in their website so that customers can write their experience about any particular product or item which in turn can help others in purchasing the product.

In fact, organizations that aren’t putting efforts in getting the client’s experience or stories are actually missing a major opportunity to connect to their customers and make a meaningful relation with them. Today there are a lot of digital marketing platforms which the brands or companies can easily also use for their customer’s review and stories and in this way, they can help other customers to settle on a choice.

A lot of experts of digital marketing in Dubai believe that at the point when buyers are ready to make any purchase, the stories by other buyers / consumers can convey essential data and can also shape their choice and the general brand involvement. Today, with the simple and easy approach of customer to customer social networking platforms like, Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter, reviews and stories about any brand’s product can be an essential element in shopping, making brand image, future brand reviews and decision making by customers. But, a very little people actually know about its benefits which is the reason that most of the brands don’t really have the review or stories portion on their brand site or they don’t really use any digital marketing platform to gain customer reviews.

A lot of companies can lose their customers just by the mall mistake of not having consumer stories and review about the products. However, in case if you have a newly launched business and you don’t want to use any social media platform for the reviews or stories then while your brand’s website development, you can ask the developer to insert the section where the customers can easily write their stories and review. To urge customers in writing a good review, you can offer some discounts per review or any free item. Such offer will attract a good amount of customers to leave a good review and by just a little effort; the brand will be able to enjoy more loyal, new and returning customers.

So, a few amazing benefits of consumer stories in digital marketing are:

  • Increased brand sales
  • Bring new customers
  • Create a positive brand image
  • Help new brands to become successful
  • Can make new brands popular in short time
So, if you have just started a new brand, make sure you are using consumer stories to attract more customers.

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