The best time and day to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Published: 2017-11-20 9:22 am | admin

best time to post on social media

Impact of social media marketing:

Social media is now the main source of getting a continuous flow of business for many companies. The number of users on social media is increasing day by day and there is a lot of data available about the users which makes it easier to target potential customers and the data is used by digital marketing services providers to harness the best results.

Posting at the best time and day:

Due to such importance of social media, now the enterprises are giving due importance to it and use it along SEO services. It is a common problem faced by the social media marketing services providers that sometimes their posts get a maximum number of likes and reactions while the other times it hardly gets any exposure. This is due to the effect of the posting date and time. Social media is used by the people at different times of the day and on some days the users are more active while at some specific hours of the day, users are more active because it is their leisure times. To get maximum views of the post, you should post at the best times and days which can be found by using different techniques and it depends on many factors:

1: Country:

The first factor is the country or area you are targeting. Every country has a difference of timing that’s why you need to post at their suitable time.

2: Social media network:

It also depends on the social media network you use. Because people have different priorities regarding the use of different social media.

3: Type of content and audience:

This is a very difficult question and figuring it out needs a lot of hit and trial.

After doing experiments using analytics, we concluded some results for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we are sharing it here:

1: Twitter:

According to analytics results, on average a post on Facebook reaches the maximum targeted audience within just 5 hours while the time needed to reach the same amount of audience on Twitter is 2.5 hours. It means you need to post at a more appropriate time to reach the maximum number of people.

The results show that from Monday to Friday, the ideal time to post is 3 PM. But you should do some experiments by yourself by adjusting the time since it may be different for you. Some other blogs concluded that according to their results, 5 PM is the ideal time to post to get a maximum number of retweets.

2: Facebook:

Picking the right time on Facebook also needs some experimenting. According to our results, we concluded that the optimum time to post on Facebook is somewhere between 12 PM to 3 PM. You should post at different instances within these 3 hours to find the ideal time for your page. On weekends, the time is reduced by 2 hours and you can post between 12 PM to 1 PM to get a maximum number of likes and shares.

3: Instagram:

The pictures having the highest number of likes and comments appear higher on Instagram. Hence, timing is crucial in case of Instagram. The ideal time to post on Instagram is quite similar to Facebook as it starts at 12 PM and ends at 1 PM.

Important tip:

Just don’t follow these timings strictly instead try to think about the persona of your audience like at what time they use their mobiles most? At what time they wake up? Try to think about them and come up with some of your own timing.

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