SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Published: 2016-03-17 10:51 am | admin

What you will do when you get above 10,000 results of a single word, how you will decide which of the result contains the most desired information. Obviously you can’t, because you don’t check every single one of them to decide.

Here search engine optimization plays a very vital role. SEO is about trying to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher you make changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content. Also, it refers to getting links from other websites. But the main problem is how to make your website look appealing to search engines so that they crawl through your content. You can adopt ways so that this can be done. Being on top search pages of google, yahoo or Bing requires effort. If the search results are not showing you on the first page your business does not exist for millions of internet users.

Common mistakes

These are the common mistakes that SEO Dubai companies should avoid:

Irrelevant keywords:

Keywords are the most important for your website to be on top, irrelevant or bad decision in choosing the right keyword that best defines your content is the worst mistake that costs you a bad ranking. You have to search thoroughly before you finalize.

Not enough value to titles:

Title is the first thing that search engine captures, so leaving title tags empty is the foolish thing to do. Try to use your keywords in your title also.

No textual content:

Search engines will love your page if you provide your site with good textual content. This is the thing most important for searchers too as they will get an idea in a glance about what they are going to find there. Make it precise but catchy. Avoid irrelevant stories there.

Avoid petty tricks:

The most deadly mistake that SEO experts make is the use of petty tricks to gain backlinks, or trick search engines. This may be helpful for short time but in the end you will be kicked out and even can be blacklisted by the search engine for using spamming tricks.

Tips for betterment

A competitive SEO professional in Dubai should make use of these tips when running SEO campaigns for businesses:

Create incredible content:

This is the best way to reach at optimization level. Even with the tricks you can’t stand in long run or short sometimes if your content is poor. Your site content must be well-written with keywords in it, try to use latest information and for this update it frequently.

Careful keywords:

Too many keywords are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you stop using them. Research carefully and pick the ones that best suit. Less but valuable.

Tags and Meta descriptions:

Though google don’t rank upon Meta descriptions but these are useful for reader and if readers found it useful they would probably share your content. Also use title tags which are reader friendly.

Image attributes:

Relevant content images are the best way of SEO bosting. Remember you have to create brief HTML description of image that you post amid your website content.

Internal links:

Try to use as many internal links as possible. Pay particular attention to creating connections between your main pages and your home page.

Enable social media sharing:

Install buttons for all the major social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). So that readers can share the valuable content that you have to offer.

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