Secrets to make your Facebook Advertisement Campaigns Picture-Perfect

Published: 2016-07-15 12:42 pm | admin

image of Facebook Advertisement Campaigns
Every day, I find myself bombarded with an infinite stream of ads on the web. There are ads on Facebook that my brain instantly categorizes as trash or ‘a waste of my time’ and simply scrolls down. These ads are abundant and make us cringe. And when I see them, the first thought that pops to mind is, “Uh! This again!” But every once in a while, I find something that stirs my curiosity, something that instantly piques my interest, something that I am tempted to explore. And to make these marketing masterpieces is the holy grail of all advertising companies in Dubai or worldwide.

Why visuals?

Here’s an interesting statistic for you; globally, people spend an average of 50 minutes on Facebook and various other platforms including Messenger and Instagram as of 2016. That might sound like a lot.  However, there are 30 million active Facebook advertisers and 75% of all brands are in a frenzy to promote their Facebook posts. So, let’s say a budding startup, would only get a few seconds to deliver that first impression. And visuals are the way to go. We are more visually inclined and attracted to vibrant images. Research has revealed colored visuals to increase willingness to read content by 80%. Images are the hot, emerging trend among marketers. And in the sea of advertisements, companies are asking themselves; how do we stand out? Here are a few Facebook advertising tips to make your images more captivating.

1. The golden rule_ don’t blatantly use stock photos

As picturesque, relevant or attention grabbing as stock photos may appear, there’s a fatal flaw in utilizing them. Other businesses and marketers may also be using the same photos in their branding campaigns. It might make your brand come off as ‘cheap, second rate and a knock-off’. Best case scenario; people ignore it as they have already seen it before. You can use free web apps, like Canva or, to incorporate creative elements to make your images more unique.

2. Imagine and Innovate

Don’t hesitate to be a little daring and experiment a little with a few wacky, out-of-the-box ideas. People are bored of the ‘norm’. They crave something fresh, exciting and new. Try not to mimic similar, more iconic brands in your advertisements. Be adventurous and venture into unchartered territory. Make your own unique mark on the digital world that sets you apart from your competitors. Also, inserting a little humor helps your brand stick in the minds of viewers like glue.

3. Quote Recent Stats

The world of marketing is very notorious among the general public for their over-exaggeration. We are fans of cold, hard facts and scientific research. In order to make your images more compelling and the information on them more credible, consider adding specific facts and research. These facts and figures go a long way to giving your ad a more authentic and genuine vibe. And consumers will associate these feelings of trust with your brand.

4. Use Witty Slogans

Even short phrases on an image, have the potential to evoke strong feelings and reinforce a strong brand image in the minds of consumers. Your short slogan can depict ‘what you represent’, ‘who you are’ and ‘what you have to offer’ effectively on a relevant visual. It also helps build context for your image.

5. Don’t Overstuff

Don’t stuff your images with so many visual and written content that the viewer can’t discern what’s in the visual. Case in point_ the following visual. Try to keep at centered around a specific theme and visual element. That will help you instantly communicate your message to the audience. Make your visual clear and crisp.

6. Try not to confuse

Creativity is crucial, but don’t be mysterious or elusive. Try to keep things simple and relevant. Trust me; your audience doesn’t comprise of mystery buffs who would dedicate their lives trying to decipher your codes.

7. Color is Key

Color is the fundamental aspect to all visuals. They have the ability to induce emotions on a subconscious level. Brush up on color theory to learn more about how different colors interact to set a specific mood for an image. Also, be mindful of color schemes. There are colors that never meld well with each other, so avoid using such color combos.

8. Be relatable

Don’t insert fairy tales, jet packs and lasers in every image. Be inclusive of your target audience and capture moments in their life that resonate with them and expand upon what you have to offer. This helps build a visual narrative that the viewers can immerse themselves in. Keep these basic guidelines in mind whenever brainstorming for ideas and for creating appetizing images. Now, you’re equipped with the same information as companies offering their social media marketing services.

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