Result Oriented Marketing Campaigns

“According to 2014 Global Digital Statistics, Stats & Facts reports, there are almost 2.5 billion people online which explains why traditional marketing won’t help much in lead generation. ”

For maximum profits and lead generation, it is a must to make right use of all the digital marketing channels, we have effectively run marketing campaigns that resulted in maximum lead generation and we have ample experience and skilled team.

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PPC campaigns are ideal for startups as it takes minimum time to reach wide audience and generate leads! According to 2013 State of paid Research Report, 72 % of digital marketers find PPC advertising highly effective in lead generation!

Facebook is an ideal platform as PPC campaigns can bring you millions of dollars in business every year. Effective PPC campaigns rapidly increase brand visibility and using the right ads and right budget, you can simply achieve successful lead generation. With more than 1.44 billion users of Facebook, this social media platform is the major place to hit your target market.

LinkedIn PPC ads are highly effective in lead generation if they are carefully planned as this platform lets you specifically target professionals and make sure who is going to see your ads

With 380 million users, LinkedIn PPC ads helps you target professionals!


Effective PPC campaigns through Google backed by careful strategies help you in targeting customers in specific region or within a particular distance from your business or store. Your business gets found by the right people when they search for the services you offer.

Our carefully planned PPC campaigns through Google will help you reach the right people!

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A great way of managing good relations between Public and company and to maintain a good public image is to create a Press Release as an effective PR strategy.

Furthermore, choosing the platform that targets larger audience base is a must. We use our own platform to publish a well written Press Release. We can also connect with other channels that have large audience to publish your Press Release.

80 million people get their news online every day!



According to Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 invested in email marketing, the average ROI is $44.25.

The reason email marketing is highly effective is because it helps you send messages to only those who have signed up for them.

This leads to higher conversion rates as a business targets only those who are interested in the brand. E-marketing allows a customer to witness an offer and purchase an item within a few clicks as a convincing call to action and a link to the checkout helps in lead generation!

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