On Page SEO factors to rank on the 1st page 2017

Published: 2017-08-28 6:43 am | admin

on page seo factors
Today we are living in the era of massive digitization. Every business and work has its online presence. However, just being there on the internet is not enough. To cope up with the massive influx of data and technology certain optimizations and analysis needs to be done.

To grab the attention of target audience, advanced search engine optimization techniques (SEO) needs to be implemented. These tactics will help boost the traffic on your site and will rank your page in higher categories.

Some of the best SEO techniques are listed below:
  • Below is list of On page SEO techniques

  • Page title

Each page or post should have its own unique title so that it can be targeted directly.

  • Meta descriptions/Meta tags

When pages are listed relevant keywords for the content should be presented.

  • URL structure

URLs should be search engine friendly. They should consist of keywords.

See the image below for how Title, URl and Description appears in SE. on page seo factors
  • Body tags

Write ups should be broken into smaller sections and paragraphs to make it readable. Use keywords rich headings.

  • Key word density

Add relevant keywords as they help search engine to determine what your content is about.

  • Image SEO

Images can be used to make site user friendly and appealing. Images should have titles.

  • Speed up your Site

Upload necessary information only on your site to cut down extra load time. Make sure that your site loads super-fast.

  • The site must work across platforms.

Site should be mobile friendly. It should work properly on other platforms as search engines such as Google considers this factor significantly for ranking the pages.

Over 1.2 billion people access the web from mobile devices according to Mobify.com

  • Long tail keywords

These words or phrases are very specific and usually longer. They are very important to draw relative traffic directly to your site.

  • Use Awesome content

Don’t overwhelm your client with too many words. Emphasize on delivering well researched and error free content. Content writing is most significant part in SEO.

  • Make a strong social media presence

Social media helps in boosting the content. It helps to get web user’s attention. Social media content is also indexed on Google and on other popular search engines such as Bing and yahoo. social media marketing is quick to generate traffic and leads.

  • Incorporate strong links

Link building is very important. Focus on quality backlinks for successful SEO campaign. This will help in boosting organic traffic through Google.

  • Add voice search function

Voice search is convenient and safer when clients are on the go. Almost all mobiles have voice search functions inbuilt. Voice search can be used in a best way by using conversational keywords while optimizing the web content.

  • Secure your website

Use ‘https’ in place of ‘http’ as it is safe. It is important to secure connections, information and other such details to increase the overall ranking.

  • Improve user experience

Enhance user experience via providing online assistance and user oriented design. This will enhance the ranking of your page. The above mentioned tactics can help boost your sites SEO ranking in the year 2017.    

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