How to Find Your Target Audience and Build an Engaged Community on Facebook

Published: 2018-04-19 5:26 am | admin

Today with the advent of social media marketing for businesses i.e. Instagram marketing or Facebook marketing, it is a good idea to put your business presence in one of the many social media platforms. Unfortunately, the huddle that businesses must face today is finding their target audiences and maintaining them. Remember that the prospects you will be trying to chase in a social media platform like Facebook for instance are people who may already be interacting with other businesses through similar or other social media platforms. If you are not speaking directly, engaging your target audiences directly as should be the case, you stand to lose greatly to your competitors.

Finding your target audience and then building an engaged community on Facebook can help bring you success and take your business’s competitive advantage to the next level. A highly competitive market like Dubai needs an aggressive social media marketing Dubai campaign to succeed. Building an engaged community in Facebook may help you to create committed brand advocates which may help to drive you leads and sales.

Here below are some strategic tips that will help you find your ideal target audience and get to build an engaged community on Facebook:

  • Create a strong Facebook profile for your business

In order for you get any serious followers for your business’s Facebook group or page you need to create a strong profile. You can do this by adding branded cover photos and profile photos to Facebook page of your business. You may need to also fill out all details of your business. You may need a short description, a link to your business’s website, address and phone number.

It may be best for you to share at least a few updates of your business before you embark on your endeavor to build an audience. If you do this, it will give the people who care to visit your Facebook page or group reasons to follow you.

  • Open up your business’s Facebook profile to Your followers in Facebook

There is a setting in Facebook that you can set to enable other Facebook users that follow you to see your profile. If you share any public updates on the business’s Facebook page or group, your followers will be able to see the updates in their news feed even if they aren’t your friends on Facebook. This way you will be able to grow an audience that you can sell your business to easily and effectively.

  • Engage in Facebook Groups

Creating a Facebook page for your business that targets groups related to your niche is a great move. This way you will be engaging directly the people that you want for your business.

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