How to develop your hashtag strategy to increase your following on Instagram

Published: 2018-04-05 7:30 am | admin

How to develop your hashtag strategy to increase your following on Instagram

What is new?

You publish constantly on your social networks and your content is very good. You invest in advertising to increase your followers but despite all your efforts, your fans grow up with “droppers”. How does this situation sound like? Follow the best digital marketing strategy! You may not have tried other strategies, such as the one I am going to talk about now: Increase your followers with hashtag strategies. And you already know what is said … “If the plan does not work, change the plan, but do not change the goal.” Do you stay to find out?

How to get followers on Instagram using hashtags?

If you think that this kind of strategy is something exclusive to Instagram, you’re wrong and that the use of hashtags has become an almost mandatory practice in all social networks. Therefore, if you want to give life to your networks, it is very important that your company or brand has this kind of strategies.

What are the hashtags in Instagram marketing?

They are labels that are used to group contents of a specific topic. It would be like a meeting point of all the people that are interested in a concrete fact. They help the information is grouped, organized and classified in relation to a theme. These labels allow presenting in a public way and organized in the timeline, all the contents that have the same label, thus facilitating not only their location but the exchange of information or content between different users, on certain topics or events.

So, how does it have to be a good hashtag for Instagram campaigns?

  • Easy to remember
  • It must make sense
  • Brief and simple
  • It has to like the users
  • Easy to use on Instagram and all social networks

In this way, the user who does not know your brand can locate you at the least expected time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We continue with Instagram hashtags strategies that work.

Create your own hashtags

The first key of my list of tips to increase your followers through hashtags is to make your own labels in the Instagram marketing. Thanks to this, you will not only be able to differentiate yourself but you will be able to…

  • Create expectation among users.
  • Improve your positioning in that particular social network.
  • Increase your visibility

But the most important thing of all is to turn that hashtag into a trending topic. Something you can get by performing a certain contest or event. Increase your followers and customers with this method.

Use the most used hashtags 

It is about using the hashtags that have the best results, to attract new followers. What had you not fallen into before? Well, you’d better start trying it, because thanks to this strategy you can reach users who did not know your brand. What objective is pursued with all this? Give more visibility to your content, taking advantage of the potential of a current theme.


Now you just have to put it into practice in your social networks to open the door to new followers and potential customers. The hashtags on Instagram and any other social network are essential.

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