How to Create and Optimize Your Business Profile on Instagram to Drive Traffic

Published: 2018-04-18 11:03 am | admin

These days there are various ways that businesses can easily put their presence on social media platforms to help boost their revenue. Instagram is one such social media marketing platform that many businesses have adopted to do this.

The most important part of your Instagram marketing strategy is the profile you put up out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up a new Instagram business account or if you already have one with active followers. It pays more if you take some time to optimize your Instagram business profile as this will help to drive even more traffic to your business.

There are various ways to follow if you want to create and optimize the Instagram business profile of your business. In this article, we are going to discuss what you can do to help you increase the visibility of your business Instagram profile, convert your audience to paying customers as well as keeping your audience engaged.

How you can create a business Instagram profile that will succeed

Your business’s Instagram profile is its nucleus because it is the part that communicates to other Instagram users exactly what your business is and what it does. It is the Instagram profile of your business that communicates about the service and products and the location of your business.

Your business’s Instagram profile should contain these four important sections; username, name, website and bio. To help maximize the effectiveness of your business’s Instagram account and also to make it easy for users to learn more about you, it is best if you fill up all the four sections mentioned above.

Here below are some tips that will guide you about what you can include in your Instagram profile:

Choose a username

It is best to use the name of your business as the Instagram handle (username). It is the basis by which you can be tagged on Instagram and also be followed. It may be best if the username that you use on your Instagram account is similar with that you use on other social media accounts such as twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Choosing your bio title

The title of your Instagram account is different from that of the handle (username). Instagram refers to it as the name. Please note that the Instagram title (bio) of your business and handle will show up on Instagram search results. You should therefore write briefly what your business is all about or what it does on the bio or title part. It is also best if you add your business’s website to your Instagram bio.

Describe your business

The description you set up about your business on its Instagram account forms the most important part of your profile. Even though it is short, you need to try as much as possible to elaborate your purpose, reveal your brand voice, and even prove your credibility as much as possible. It is best to limit your bio to a maximum of four lines as this will enable your followers to get to see your images without the need to scroll. Other things to include in your description should be; the address of your business, call to action, and even awards your business has gotten if any.

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