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Digital marketing continues to evolve with the development of new innovations to ensure a more efficient, customer targeted, social media marketing strategy. The conventional written content is becoming a bit of a bother with the current trends on social media where most ads are made of images, graphics and videos. People just do not have the patience for excessively long literature pieces anymore; they want swift answers, quick knowledge, so if you are going to advertise products or services on the internet the best concept that would guarantee adequate customer attention and a successful campaign is video marketing.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?”

 Why video marketing?

Video marketing has a clear advantage over every other forms of advertising such as;

  • Stronger audience attraction
  • Comprehensive and practical details
  • Improves attention span of customers using entertaining features
  • Humanizes your company brand

Understanding why you need video marketing for your business is crucial as it enables you answer the next question relating to the goods and services you offer.

What videos should you create?

  • “How it works” videos.
  • Provide solutions to problems
  • Training or mentoring videos
  • Attractive and compelling videos

When you have designed the perfect idea for your video and all the content is really focused of getting you audience, the next thing is to structure your video to make you stand out amongst thousands of similar videos that are already out there on the internet.

How to create impactful videos

  • Make sure the video is short and straight to the point – people would often look at the total time of any video before deciding if to play it or not. If it’s a long video the chances are that it would cost some precious internet data and it would take too much time to view, so keep its short.
  • Ensure that there is a message – what do you really want people to know after watching this video? Are you educating, informing, entertaining, or advertising? What action do you want people to take after watching this video?
  • Make your video SEO friendly
  • Embed SEO content to your video with links to your website. Include SEO content such as keywords, Meta descriptions and Meta tags, and a title that can get you noticed.

Video Marketing Strategy

Vlogging on YouTube has become quite popular for YouTube marketing. Live streams and video links have made the trend and with the development of widely diverse video marketing apps, more and more people are becoming aware of the social hype of video marketing as a tool for boosting business traffic. The concept of web television can best be depicted by Vlogger YouTube. Vlogging is a term used to refer to video blogging. So instead of blogging using the conventional article write-ups with images, you use a video medium by simply embedding a link to the video along with texts and images and other forms of metadata to further support your upload. A person who engages an audience using Vlogging is referred to as a Vlogger. This can be done on YouTube and a whole lot of other video platforms. This is currently the best use of video marketing available for reaching a large audience on the internet.

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