How Does a Positive Mindset Help You Maximize Business Leads?

Published: 2018-04-16 6:42 am | admin

How Does a Positive Mindset Help You Maximize Business Leads

In any given business sales cycle, objections and client criticism form an integral part. Without criticism and objections from your customers or clients you may never be in the loop about what your customers or clients take your business to be.

When faced with criticism or objection from your customers it is best to take them with a positive approach and then turn these into customer satisfaction. Businesspeople need to learn ways they can take criticism and objections with a positive approach and then use them to maximize their business leads.

There are times when the objections or criticisms are just an excuse on the part of the customers or clients. On other occasions they are simply just justified and therefore a businessperson needs to find ways to deal with the criticism or objections in a way that the customer will feel to have been heard and served. You can only do this if you are familiar with the basic techniques used in turning objections or criticism to lucrative sale leads.

For example a case where a client or customer complains about a product or service rendered or offered to them. A businessperson or a company needs to take up the issue seriously and get to the root of the issue. If it is found that it is the company is the one to blame then due apology should be given to the customer in question and if possible a solution needs to be found. It should then be followed up with the customer to find out if the solution that was offered satisfied them. These are positive gestures that have helped many businesses keep their customer and even turn to them loyal or even their brand ambassadors.

Impact of having a positive approach to criticism from clients 

Client satisfaction is the greatest way to generate leads for businesses and win more and more customers who will stick by the business. This can only be achieved by taking criticism from your customers not with a pinch of salt but positively and then improving on your offerings to them to win customer loyalty and satisfaction.  It is better to engage your customers or clients and find out about their feedback via the social media channels.  A great way to do this is to either create pages or groups in Facebook or create a twitter account for your business.

There are some customers who may not give you their objections or criticisms in person but find it easy to complain via your social media channels. You can then take that chance to engage such clients or customers and apologize to them and offer to follow up with their case to find a solution. If you find the customer’s complaints to be genuine you should find ways to appease the customer in question.

Research has it that businesses that engage their customers on the web and respond  positively to their issues of criticism or objection stand to generate leads online more than those that don’t.


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