How appealing is Your Business Card Design?

Published: 2016-12-02 11:35 am | admin

Business Card Design
Whenever you start with your first job, get promoted or switch your job; life changes in a lot of ways. In the midst of all the excitement; one thing that stays under rated is the excitement for your own business card. It is a personal moment of pride to have your name and designation imprinted on a card and then handing it out to others. With business cards there is always a sense of identity associated. Your business card is your representation to the world at both a professional and personal front hence you should make sure that your Business card design personifies you in the best way possible. we have already discussed on how to create the best brochure design. In this article we will guide you on how to create your ideal business card design.

Follow the design principles

That’s quite an obvious tip but it is sometimes overlooked when it comes to a business card’s design. There are some basic principles that imply to all designs, and a different template for each design. Each template and design follows design principles that should be kept in mind when working on the creation of the card. There are also standard sizes for business cards that put constraints on its design. If you are using pictures and visuals, make sure they are simple and to the point. Your card should be visually appealing.

Highlight information

The main purpose of the business card is to provide information. And most of the times, the information gets clustered, and the purpose of the card fails. The font and information should be in bold and visible font and assembled in such a way that not any part of the information is missed. Don’t forget the key information areas such as name, phone number and email address. Once you know what to include in the business card, you can work on your design. Your content should be straight forward and very well organized. Do not overcrowd the card with too much design or vice versa end up leaving important information. Utilize the space intelligently.

The element of creativity

In your business card design, try to add an element of creativity to it. There is no harm in having a business card that speaks to people due to its creative elements. You can also add creativity to your business cards by adding finishing, metallic inks or other elements such as pictures (related to your profession) so that your business card looks a class part.

Make it formal

You need to remember the fact that, the card will be used for the professional purpose and thus you need to make it look professional, subtle and proper. Rather than putting up funky colors or using fancy designs go for standard designs that are used by professionals in the industries, a design that depicts your company.

Cross-check your work

It is important to remember that you need to double check your work before you send it to professionals. Sometimes the mistakes in fonts, spellings, picture sizes shows up badly on the business card made. You wouldn’t want that…obviously. Your business card is your identity and your identity should never be compromised upon. Make sure your business card design is worth looking at!

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