Facebook Remarketing Ad Strategies for Fostering E-Commerce Revenue

Published: 2017-09-15 9:48 am | admin

facebook remarketing strategies
Facebook has been a tremendous platform for marketing because of its ever growing users. Facebook has around 2billion monthly active users and businesses get perplexed when it comes to set target audience for their marketing campaigns. E-commerce businesses in particular have effective marketing through Facebook because of their online strategies of presenting products and services along with their prices and it attracts users within no time. But what would be the next step once user have seen the advertisements? What would be the strategies to create a desire of products and services in those users? To understand this, let’s have a look into sales process of E-commerce businesses on Facebook.

facebook marketing for ecommerce E-commerce businesses usually target their users at ‘intent’ stage and mostly through pay-per click advertisements. But it cannot be set as generic standard as it would only happen if marketing of products and services took place on some other platforms. If E-commerce businesses focus entirely on Facebook for their marketing strategy, then they would start from ‘awareness’ phase. Nevertheless, there are methods for remarketing products and services on Facebook. Remarketing is usually done for users who have either visited your website or advertisement and on Facebook, Custom Audience Tool does it all. It allows businesses to set a custom list from your audience and target adds directly to them on Facebook, Instagram and other attached Audience Networks. Here are some remarketing and retargeting strategies that can foster your E-commerce business through Facebook Custom Audience Tool.

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Dynamic Product Retargeting

Dynamic Product Retargeting ads are considered one of the most effective methods of remarketing. When a user shows interest in your product and service through visiting your website or clicking on your advertisement, these ads start appearing in Facebook Feed of user and the user would not miss it because it would become a core part of user’s attention. An advantage of Dynamic product Retargeting is that it helps businesses narrowing down their audience and the audience gets precise day by day. Businesses can also offer discounts to users who are almost near to purchase and it will also be done through managing the audience.

Video Retargeting

Video advertisements are mostly used for creating awareness among users. Interest based ads are embedded into videos for video retargeting and large number of audience is targeted at initial stages. After some time, the audience is narrowed down through observing the behavior of users that whether they watched the video and for how much time they watched it. Videos also appear on Facebook Feed of user and user gets a glance of it while scrolling down through Facebook Feed. So, videos should be made relevant and purposeful in order to attract maximum users.

Retargeting Based on Engagement with Facebook page

Remarketing is also done through Facebook when users engage with Facebook page of businesses and do not turn up to website. This user activity shows that user is still at awareness stage of sales funnel and he needs to be attended through remarketing. Through Custom Audience Tool businesses can set their target audience according to user activities on their pages. These user activities could be visit of Facebook page for a business, likes on Facebook page, comments and direct messaging through Facebook page.

Retargeting Based On Engagement with Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Builder allows businesses to build a ‘story’ related to their product and services and these stories would then appear on Mobile News Feeds of users. The limitation to this remarketing strategy is that these stories only appear on mobile phones, nevertheless it is a great tool for remarketing. Target audience is set after observing that which users have opened or watched your stories. Canvas ads allow businesses to show immense material based on marketing as that is why it is considered a portfolio presenter of businesses.

Custom Audience Tool of Facebook is great implementer of remarketing strategies. E-commerce businesses can even implement all steps of sales through it. Custom Audience Tool is duration based and also allows businesses to set ads for specific time periods. Custom Audience Tool makes it easier for businesses to narrow down their audience and converts leads into sales.  

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