Top 3 Most Common Mistakes by Email Marketers and How to avoid them

Published: 2017-03-28 11:29 am | admin

common mistake in email marketing
Ecommerce in UAE is at its peak. In an attempt to raise brand awareness and maintain customer relations, marketing teams of ecommerce ventures in UAE are continuously trying to improve their email marketing campaigns. Albeit other methods of digital marketing are employed as well, factors such as minimal cost and high ROI encourages marketers to focus on email marketing relatively more than others.

However, email marketing isn’t for everyone. Quite often, marketers make minute mistakes which lead to grave consequences. Here are the top 3 most common mistakes made by email marketers along with tips on what can be done to avoid making them:

  1. Using Terms in the Subject Line Which Can Trigger Spam Filters
It’s an undeniable fact that terms such as ‘percent off’, ‘free’ etc. trigger spam filters. I.e. the email never reaches your prospective customer’s inbox. Instead, it ends up in their spam folder.

Most users don’t open their spam folders frequently. If by chance they do open their spam folder, the fact that your mail is listed as spam will most likely seal the possibilities of getting a click through.

This can be a strenuous process, as headlines make or break your campaign. A well thought headline can ensure a substantial click through rate, while a bad one can result in your mail getting totally ignored.

An effective subject line should be one that compels the receiver to open the mail. Ideally, it should be kept within 10 words.

If you maintain a full-fledged email database, then subject line personalization is highly recommended. E.g. if you run a site selling mobiles, and you have to send an email to a prospect named Abdul, you can write your subject line like, “Abdul, do you need a new mobile?”

You may use Outlook’s Mail Merge feature to send out personalized emails in bulk.

  1. Sending Unedited Emails
Many reports have surfaced of how emails contain broken links. Furthermore, sometimes the images do not load properly. Both of these scenarios discourage a user from visiting your site.

  Moreover, grammatical/spelling mistakes can leave a negative imprint on the reader’s mind.

For any ecommerce business, lead generation is as vital as lead conversion is. However, the former gets highly unlikely due to the mistakes mentioned above.

To avoid any such mistake, you may hire an external organization to conduct your email marketing campaign. Most organizations utilize tools to ensure the mail’s content is fully functional, thus reducing the possibility of any technical fault.

Adding FUNCTIONAL links to relevant portions of your site is highly recommended. Furthermore, images of low resolution should be inserted to ensure minimal loading time.

As for the language issue, you can hire a qualified proofreader to eradicate all linguistic flaws.

  1. Sending Email from An Automated/no reply Address
Whoever you send an email who wants to be able to communicate, not just look at offers. A noreply/donotreply address can make it seem like you’re pushing the reader away and discouraging queries.

Basically, such addresses come off as unwelcoming, whereas all of us know that a query can easily equate to a new lead. If a reader responds to your email with a query, you get a chance to convert the lead into a customer. Added benefit of the fact that now you know that the reader is interested in your product/service.

The fix to this issue is quite easy to be honest. Use a human address. Such as Get in touch with us and let our expert team of marketers carry out an immaculate email marketing campaign for you!


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