6 outstanding E-commerce Web Design Tips & Tricks

Published: 2016-06-01 7:02 am | admin

Ecommerce Website Design dubai

The e-commerce industry is creating a boom in the market with every brand moving towards the opening of their online outlets. The industry itself has grown to $8 billion and will be an essential part of every brand’s strategy. Ecommerce website design is also on the high rise as the emirate is a hub to new businesses of all niches and all sizes.

Webdesign Dubai

A user-friendly website is a key to retain customers and hit the target revenues. Customers will only stay on your site if it has easy navigation and a short process to buy their favorite products. Creating better e-commerce web designs has taken a trend, and Dubai has been catching up with this trend quickly.

Below are some tips that can help you make the best web design to keep the customers on your pages for long and will decrease your website’s bounce rate.

Easy Navigation

Dubai web design

When a client reaches a website, the first 5 seconds are the core where you can make the visitors stay and navigate or leave instantly. What you need to do is design a website in a way that provides the visitors with all the information which they want in the top bar, and they don’t have to search a lot on the site to know what you are selling.

Search Bar On Top

Dubai Website Design

Many customers will land on your site either from a search engine or will open the website directly. It’s important that the client is provided with a clear search option on the top. This will help them to find the exact product they want and not bounce back from the website while searching for the product they want. Web design Dubai has grown a long way, and the companies are now focusing on providing navigation to customers.

Clean User-Interface

Giving a clean and elegant interface will show an attractive outlay to customers and will keep them on the website to explore more. A website which has all the products and text stuffed will not get an SEO rating nor a right customer.

Item Photos

Place photos of all the articles on the website which gives them an idea of how does the product look and about the complete description of the product. If the product looks good to eyes, there are more chances that the customer will click to buy it.

Simple User Flow

Buying a product online requires a lot of effort starting from the selection of product to the perfect size, filling in the contact details and selecting the payment procedure. Make the buying process simple and short so that the visitor does not feel exhausted by providing same information again and again.

Provide Product Recommendations

With the increase in algorithms and the data available to an e-commerce website, companies can add recommendations along with the products. This will be based on the interest categories of the customer from the past and present searches.

With the increasing competition in the market, it’s paramount that the best web design company such as Dynasty Technologies are enhanced based on the client preferences, ease, and information.


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