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Instagram has over 300 million users which is even more than twitter. Finding a great way to interact with users on Instagram can earn you customers that will keep returning to your business for more products or services. Converting users to shoppers mean posting the right content, and creating an appealing marketing message. How do you do this? There are a few tips to consider in order to be successful in the world of social media marketing.

Business Instagram Account

If you are going to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website then your business account should be separate from your personal Instagram account. Customers are not interested in knowing about you, or knowing how you look and therefore it should be at the back of your mind that it is all about the audience and not you.

When setting up your business Instagram account you should include links to boost traffic to your websites and you should stay consistent with your profile picture and name.

Create Instagram Post That people would Want to See and Follow

Pictures have been said to be worth a thousand words. Using pictures that are appealing to your followers will get them hooked to your business Instagram account. Create your product photos with graphics and aesthetics that bring out the personality of your brand. The power of product photo is essential to online selling and is one of the top tips in social media marketing.

 Instagram Audience

Your social media marketing strategy is a major factor that determines if you gain followers who eventually convert to customers. Just having or creating professional photos is not enough to drive sales through your Instagram account. Here are a few Instagram marketing tips to grow your followers organically and show off your brand personality.

  1. Include hashtags to increase your discoverability. Instagram feeds change fast enough to get your post buried amongst millions of Instagram posts. Using hashtags helps group your post according to different Instagram communities thereby increasing the visibility of your Instagram account to users.

Ways to add hashtags includes the following:

  • Search for trending hashtags using platforms like Icon square
  • Use a mix of big-hit tags and specific tags.
  • Create your personal hashtags for your business.
  1. Photos from Followers. Adding tagged photos of your followers makes them feel appreciated which turns makes them to keep visit your feed and checking for more contents

Engage Your Followers with Interactive Content.

Create engaging and interactive content such as quizzes, and contests. Rewarding followers with giveaways is known to influence and increase their reaction and levels of interactions on business accounts. If you are looking to make fans love your post and keep coming back for more content and new products. It would be a good idea to keep interactive contents at a high level.

Instagram Ambassadors

 Get ambassadors for your brand on Instagram, an ambassador for your brand should be someone with a lot of followers on Instagram who has the ability to showcase your brand to their followers thereby increasing traffic to your brand.

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