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corporate brochure designing Dubai
Since years brochures have been an important part of traditional marketing. Even after the rise of electronic and social media, it’s important could not have been suppressed. Especially in the case of small scale or emerging businesses, brochure designing helps to capitalise mass market and other niche market gaps. Not only it’s a helpful document in terms of captivating visual effects for marketing, but can also be useful in delivering an important piece of information for your business. Thus, corporate brochure designs are created by professional designing agencies in order to make them viable for the business world. Even if you have an inhouse designing team, there are some specific areas where they need training, avoiding the common mistakes while brochure design, as these small errors turn out to be a bad impression for your company in front of your current or potential clients. Here is a list of some of these mistakes, which if worked upon can save enormous costs in terms of finance and also in terms of reputation.

  • Layout Organisation: the primary purpose of a layout design is to direct the viewer’s eyes to some specific areas. That is the relevant places where useful information is present. However, if you do not follow a proper designing pattern that is, all pictures, text boxes and other content are randomly placed everywhere, so you will confuse your viewer with bluster of information, and he will only take an overview, rather than actually take a thorough look.
  • Choice of Font: The best brochure design includes very less amount of text hence choosing an appropriate font is as important as other elements of the design. When selecting a font, keep these few pointers in mind.
  1. Choose font that is decipherable
  2. Make a combination of fonts that complement each other
  3. Refrain from making a mixture of various font types and sizes
  • The quality of images: poor quality images, is the worst mistake that you make to your brochure designs.
It is important for a designer to choose images or visuals that complement your information, in order to increase reader’s comprehension. The quality of images also incorporates, choosing captivating and relevant visuals, placed appropriately.

  • A synthesized image: Any marketing tool, be it a brochure design, has to be aligned with the brand image of your firm, as to give a unified picture. It is important for a designer to choose the same colour combinations, font types and sizes, and logos that are used on a company’s website, as to give recognizability of the firm.
  • Editing process: One of the most overlooked factor, in the designing process, but in fact one of the most important factors. It may prove to be a tedious and exhausting process and can be extremely valuable when seen from viewers eyes. It seems to perfectly fit the view of a reader, and provide an overall clarified picture.
In order to avoid these common mistakes, you need to hire or take service of professionals that handle Brochure design Dubai as these are the best in the business in terms of rates, professionalism, and deliverance of quality.

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