Corporate branding and its Techniques:

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Corporate branding

Corporate branding is a term that is used to practice the promotion of brands or businesses in a commercial sector. A brand is usually the set of prospects that investors associate with your services. The basic of every brand is an initiate of your services. Commercial/corporate branding helps you in making your brand name.

A corporate branding can be done by following ways:

Logo design:

A word mark or logotype is essentially a distinct text (typographic) that is used for the identification of a company, product or institution. Logo designing Dubai is a part of print media design. It has been assumed that the name of product should be simple for graphics and clear as well. The logo of a company defines the nature of a business and its purpose, so that the company name remains memorable for the customers. This type of representation becomes a visual symbol of organization.

Google, FedEx and Wikipedia are the famous examples of logo designing. Before starting any business, you have to register its trade mark or logo in order to make it your own personal property. The logo text is a type of your company’s trade mark. Not only public or private organizations, non-government organizations (N-G-Os) also have trade mark or logo. You can also get your corporate image through your effective business cards.

Web designing:

Web designing also used in the making of any business brand. You can do the promotion of your business online by making a website of your business. It includes many different skills and methods for the production and maintenance of your website. The different areas of web designing include Web graphic designing, interface designing of your web page by using standardized algorithms and property software. You can also promote your business identity by using professionally oriented customized letterhead designs.

The term web designing is used to describe the designing process relevant to front-end designing (Client side) of your website. Web designers are expected to have an understanding of usability of websites so that their customers can easily access the website.

Graphic designing:

To run a vigorous marketing campaign for successful branding, you need some exceptional designs to leave an everlasting impression on your target audience. Graphic designing is the process of visual communication by using the correct typography. A graphic designer may use some typography, visual arts, and page layouts to show the best results. For the successful corporate branding, you can either do graphic designing by print media design or online by E -media designs.

  1. Print media designs:

Companies can get a number of opportunities when it comes to promoting their products and services. Print media designs help you on focusing on target markets. In a corporate sector, many print media designing techniques are in use. Print media design may include some promotional materials like brochures, catalogue etc. also it can have:

  • Business cards designs
  • Stationery items designs
  • Letter head designs
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Logo designing
  • Products catalogues
  1. E-Media designs:

E-media designs are used for the promotion of your services online. It will help you in boosting your business at corporate level. E-media designs are low risk. They cost less because of their automation and use of electronic media. By the rapid use of social media, the customers and even the marketers can get the response faster by using E-media services. It also helps you in increasing the exposure of your product to international market. This service may include:

  • E-catalogue
  • E-brochures
  • Company Profile
  • Corporate presentations


The future of corporate branding is flexible and sustainable. Online publicity will help you in promoting your business. All you need is to respect your customers. A company’s pride is in possessing strong brands that have name recognition which builds a trust in the product or services. This type of trust building will help you in gaining the consumer’s loyalty and effects the growth and purchasing power of your business.

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  1. Email Marketing is an outstanding channel to build and sustain brand awareness and also draw the right people

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