Case Study Lightgeist

Light Geist is a well-known vendor company based in Dubai, UAE. Lightgeist has a great collection of latest lights to enhance the beauty of any area of your choice in your home or office. This company has a very reliable name in selling world and holds multiple lightening projects for private and industrial use. It offers different projects to clients according to their choice and budget. Lightgeist is working effortlessly to provide their clients with best quality with less time. This famous company has a target to fulfill all the needs of their clients and satisfy all their complaints regarding any product.Lightgeist offers architectural lights, decorative lights, pool lights, commercial lights and many more. The modern designs of these lights add elegance and a refreshing effect to the area where it is placed. It also provides Façade, led panel and chandeliers in different styles and shades. Lightgeist is a hub of lights having traditional and modern styles, shapes and colors. It also provides lights for different professional events, parties and meetings having a specific theme. It works with a customer centric approach to meet all the needs of client and provide them a beautiful lightening experience. They provide their clients complete assistance about the appropriate use and guarantee the quality of the product.

Problems Encountered

  • Website was not responsive.
  • Content was not understandable for readers.
  • Website’s ranking was not good.
  • Company’s profile was not impressive.
  • Website was Html static.
  • Outdated design, colours and layouts.

Solutions provided by Dynasty Technologies:

  • Dynasty has redevelop the whole website.
  • We add easy content for user’s understanding
  • We introduce new features to attract more users.
  • We Offer a whole new design to change the outlook.
  • Website is now responsive and dynamic for all the browsers.
  • We add detailed description with each product so the client can easily choose the desired product.

Why to choose Dynasty Technologies?:
Dynasty Technologies is offering great web services which placed it among world’s best web companies. Professional and capable team members of Dynasty are providing services including website development, content management, website and graphic designing. Dynasty have multiple solutions for client’s problems and assures quality of work. This company has a reliable name in business world and prior concern is to satisfy customer’s need with in time. Dynasty technologies has a commitment with clients to provide them best service to improve their position in international business market.

Lightgeist is making utmost efforts to become one of the largest selling company around the globe. The creative website developed and designed by Dynasty technologies has improved the ranking of this company in lightening market. The originality of content helps the users to understand the services offered by Lightgeist. The user friendly website and multiple features with attractive design and outlook attract a lot of audience to visit the website and enjoy the lightening services.