Web Design trends for 2017

Published: 2017-05-08 6:26 am | admin

web design trends 2017

As the industry and commercial world evolves, so do the techniques and art of doing business and staying in the fierce competition. Massive technological revolution accompanied by a rapid spread and use of internet services led businesses into creating unique websites and email marketing to capture as wide a market of customers as possible. As the trend and consumer preferences changes, the businesses are left with no choice but to adapt themselves according to the same structure so as to be able to satisfactorily provide goods and services to their customers generating targeted levels of revenue.

In today’s colorful commercial world, having a website is not enough. It has to be modern and shining as well. A dry and simple website dilutes the customer’s mood and they want to leave the site as soon as possible rather than navigating it thoroughly and comfortably to their satisfaction. Web design trends change every year.

Effective website development services incorporate an element of meticulous application of website layout designs that have a huge part in creating an intricate bond between the customer navigating the site and the business. There are different factors to consider while creating a trendy and fashionable website. Here is a brief list of what to consider in order to create a cheerful website.


Choosing a color for your website is not as simple as it appears to be. It can define the perspective of the customer visiting your web. Their emotions and perspectives can be extremely influenced by the color you decide to apply to your website. Bright and bold colors are likely to gain more trends in the current year, thanks to the high approval rating for Google’s material design.

Duotone is an image which as the name suggests is composed primarily of two colors. Many successful websites have applied it and acquired great success. Duotone is expected to get trendier this year.


These are still pictures with moving elements on them. The motion occurs repeatedly. Due to being excellently striking in terms of visuals, cinemographs are fast becoming popular with businesses and web designers. A high quality cinemograph can be of much greater size, causing some business to go for video instead.


Web design industry had long remained gripped by symmetrical designs until 2016 came and the trend eventually became inclined towards asymmetry. Asymmetrical layout can be one of the most rousing ideas in a designer’s toolkit.

Literally, asymmetry means lack of balance but an expert designer can create a stunning balance and harmony without the two sides of the design mirroring each other. Though tricky to apply, yet it can create awe-inspiring designs when used with adequate skills and planning. You need to have a clear objective in mind to create an impressive asymmetrical layout.

Affluent Typography

 For many years, the internet used a certain kind of typefaces to display texts on blogs and websites. There seems to be raising a new trend concerning typography. Over the course of last two to three years, a clear change has been witnessed in the kind of typography used by designer. Now most designers tend to opt for contrast which is a combination of serif typefaces and non-serif typefaces.

Modular design

This is a concept that builds by employing a block grid pattern. Every element of the design suitably fits into the modules that are arranged in a rectangular fashion. Modular design is a bit older and was primarily used by newspapers as they needed to create modules for the components of different stories. This system enables you to design your website with harmony and organization.


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