Best Practices for Google Shopping Ad Campaigns

Published: 2017-12-26 5:57 am | admin

Google, the tech giant has also penetrated intensively in the digital marketing field during yesteryears. With its huge operations and billions of users across the world, Google is now known as one the most efficient, effective and reliable digital marketing platform. Google has made it easy for both the retailers and the shoppers to digitally advertise and purchase the products. There are huge benefits attached to Google Shopping Ad Campaigns. With huge data base and product line, Google advertises the products on its own platforms. Moreover, it has also partnered with large number of companies to advertise the products according to user preferences. Here are some of the best practices for Google shopping ad campaigns:

Strategize your Shopping Campaigns

The Google Merchant Center is a place where the product data for the advertisements feeds live. The product data feed includes the product of lists which are for set to sell by a retailer. This list has many attributes related to the specifications and descriptions of the products. You must strategize your ad in a way that it impacts the shoppers and this could only be done in the Google merchant center. For instance, the gist of the product details lies in the ‘Title’, which is basically the name of the product. You can customize this title according to user behavior and search.

Optimize your Inventory Management with Google

You must optimize the flow of inventory with Google shopping ad campaign. For this purpose, you must apply the yield management strategy in which you could best check which product is sold the most with less efforts. Through this technique, you would be able to pull back the products which require less effort to sell. And you could always have space, time and money for the products which have higher prices and take more time to sell. This strategy would not only save your money, but also maintain a standard portfolio of your products in Google shopping campaign.

Choose the right Bidding Strategy

The bidding have a direct impact on the visibility and results of your product line in Google ads. You must choose the bidding strategy with extreme care because it will help you save lot of money and also your products could become highly visible. You must not bid too high or too low, because if you bid high, you might waste money on generic terms and if you bid low, you might lose a chance to catch specific terms that are beneficial for your ad campaigns. To do this, you must achieve traffic split through adding negative lists to your campaigns.

Optimize the Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are used to disallow a specific search to prompt for your ad campaign, Negative keywords play an important role to refine your search match and to split the search traffic. You must review your negative keywords on daily basis in order to discard the low performing keywords. For instance, if you specialize in selling men cloths then you may add the negative keywords as women’s clothes or children’s clothes.

Optimize your Shopping Campaign

You must keep an eye on your ad campaigns in order to optimize them for better results. Once you have initiated the campaign, you must collect data on regular basis in order to optimize bidding strategy, competitive prices and refining of negative keywords. You must remember that Google shopping ad campaign is an ongoing process and it always needs optimization in order to drive best search results for your campaigns. You can also use benchmarks and metrics to review the performance of your ad campaigns. For this purpose, you can use the tools like impression share, click share and benchmark CPC.


Google has become the ultimate choice of digital marketing for the companies. With huge data base of billions of users, Google have the ultimate access to advertise the right products at the right platform. Nevertheless, the Google Shopping Ad Campaigns are paid and there are lot of options available to the users to modify their ads according to their customers. If these options are utilized through proper strategies and optimization, the companies can easily attract more customers with less marketing cost.

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