5 Best Used Plugins for Word Press Developers

Published: 2017-09-11 1:05 pm | admin

best wordpress plugins developers
Word press Plugins are used in word press website to enhance its functionalities or to add new features to it. The language for plugins is PHP and their integration is quite simple and that is why these can be easily found on internet. Plugins are not paid and companies provide them for free use. For this reason, there is a lot of vulnerability and quality issues found in these plugins. It really becomes hard to choose good quality plugins because the quality has been compromised through excessive availability and ease of developing. Nevertheless there are some companies that are working on these plugins and does not compromise over quality so we shall discuss some of these quality oriented plugins in details.

WOO Commerce

Woo Commerce is a word press and ecommerce plugin which was acquired by Automattic. Woo Commerce is open source and is made available for small to large size businesses. Woo Commerce became popular due to its simplicity and customization features. It is being used by large number of online retailers and websites and is one of the most popular plugins for word press. Users are also impressed by the availability of support documents provided with Woo Commerce which help and guide users with the usage of this tiny yet useful plugin.

woo commerce plugin


Now, when it comes to live debugging and editing of any website, Firebug is the solution. Firebug is a tiny add-on provided by Mozilla Firefox and has many functions attached to it so it is not only limited to just debugging and editing, rather it is also used to analyze network usage and performance, security testing and web page performance. The add-on is owned by Mozilla Firefox and its authenticity cannot be doubted as Mozilla is providing best solutions when it comes to browsers, add-ons, extensions and online solutions.


Trello is another word press plugin with immense functionalities and solutions for web based project management. It uses kanban principle for managing projects and everything is already arranged in it for making easy and fast collaboration. Trello is nice, clean and tiny tool and it is used immensely by major companies around the world.

Yoast SEO

Now, if we talk about digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered a vital part of it and without SEO businesses cannot maintain and strengthen their online presence. For this purpose, a tiny word press plugin, Yoast SEO is considered as one of the most popular plugins of word press. Yoast SEO is used to optimize word press websites for search engines and helps in getting more visitors for websites and social media.

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yoast seo plugin

Monster Insights

Another word press plugin for related to digital marketing and user management is Monster Insights. Monster Insights is used to analyze Google Analytics in order to keep an eye on your website’s visitors and their on-site activities. The plugin is useful in customizing websites according to user preference. Monster Insight is useful for small to large businesses as it helps in analyzing users’ patterns and ultimately maximizing profitability of businesses through customizing on-site content.

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