Does SSL Certificate affect search engine rankings? Why use SSL on the website?

Published: 2017-11-20 9:03 am | admin

SSL effects on SEO


The number of online transactions is increasing and it creates a need for security of these transactions. The volume of these transactions on the internet is nearly 450 billion per day and it is expected to increase as the internet is reaching the remote areas in the world. The confidence of people is improving in the online marketplaces. This huge rise in online transactions is creating a major challenge for all the online stores and business owners to protect the data of their customers. Hackers are becoming more active and this rise in online transactions is creating various opportunities for them. A single breach of the security can result in huge loss and it would shake the trust of the people on that online entity.

SSL certificate:

This need for security gave birth to SSL certificate. SSL stands for “secure sockets layer”. It protects the customer’s data through encryption. The data can only be decrypted by the host computer and only the computer at the client end can read the data by verifying the certificate. If any interruption occurs in the connection then the SSL creates a new connection again. So, no hacker can compromise the data by picking it from the mid pathway as it is encrypted and only the computer at the client end can read it.


Effect on search engine rankings:

Search engine optimization is a continuously evolving field and the expert has to keep himself up to date with the latest industry standards. Recently, it has been observed that Google has started giving preference to the websites having SSL certificate in its rankings. It is because the aim of Google is to always display the best results for its users and the sites having no SSL certificate are posing risk to the user’s data. In some cases, some browsers even stop you from entering the website having no SSL certificate and asks permission from you before opening such sites. So, it is really important to activate SSL certificate on your website if you want to improve its ranking on search engines.

See the Below screenshot: 7 out of 10 websites with HTTPs are at 1st page (Keyword: web development services)

SSL Certificate importance for SEO

Effect on customer behavior:

The online customers are also sensitive to the security of their data. Many customers add the products to the cart and leave the checkout process just because there was no sign of padlock during the checkout. The padlock sign or logo is displayed on the websites having SSL certificate. This creates a negative impact on the customer and they would never return again on that site.

Legal problems:

Many countries are now legalizing the online businesses and proper terms have been laid to ensure the protection of customer data. In most cases, it is the responsibility of the website owner to ensure the protection of the data. It means that if any breach of security occurs, then it would be the responsibility of the website owner to compensate for the losses of the customers. You can only save yourself from such problem by having SSL certificate on your site.

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