Responsive Design the key to Online Marketing

Published: 2017-04-05 5:31 am | admin

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We live in an era where things are changing rapidly. Online marketing is a field that developed only recently, but it is already starting to have a huge impact on the way we market our products and services. One aspect of online marketing that people often don’t think to incorporate is responsive design. There are a number of benefits to this style of web development, but first you need to understand what exactly responsive design is.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is a website development technique that optimizes it for smartphones. Essentially, each smartphone has its own distinct dimensions and the website you are using needs to conform to these various sizes. Responsive design allows your sites to automatically detect what the size of your device is and optimize itself accordingly. This is a staple of pretty much every website out there now because people are changing the way they surf the internet. Whereas only a decade ago the only way to surf the internet properly was on a laptop computer, the rise of the smartphone has made it so that mobile browsing is key. Responsive design is a technique that web development services have come up with in order to make it possible for users to have a much more streamlined experience when it comes to checking out what you have to offer.

The Benefits of Responsive Design

The benefits of using responsive website development are as follows:

1.) Versatility: If you have a website that has been created using responsive design, it will be compatible with a wider variety of smartphones which would enable you to show your products and services to even more people.

2.) Convenient: What your user wants is a convenient experience from your site. They want something that would work just as well on a Smart TV as it would on a smartphone, so web development services that provide responsive design offer a unique benefit in this regard as your customers would save time since they would not have to fiddle with any settings.

3.) Cheaper: Web development can cost a lot of money if you create a separate template for each type of device that is now available on the market. It is a lot cheaper to just create a single design that would suit every device out there through responsive design.

4.) Improves SEO: Google has become very strict about the websites it lists and promotes through its search engine, and one criteria for its web crawlers is responsive design. If your website has been made using responsive design it has a much higher chance of getting listed by Google and being ranked higher in the search results, thereby making SEO optimization a lot simpler.

Overall, the benefits of responsive design are numerous and extend far beyond this list as well. This is why you should invest in a company that would provide you this service.

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