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integrated email marketing
The advancement and rapid spread in the use of technological means of communication has exercised huge impact on businesses and their modes of doing business with the customers. While it has become easier for the businesses to advertise their products or services, a massive awareness on part of customer has meant that the businesses will now have to adopt such measures and construct their advertising messages in a fashion that suits the requirement of customers, making it almost impossible for them to throw business emails into their spam folder.

As the use of email marketing by the businesses for advertising their products has increased exponentially, there is one concept that has come along. It is called Integrated Marketing. What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated Marketing is defined as a strategy directed towards creating a consolidated communication experience for consumers by bringing together different marketing methods such as mass marketing, direct marketing, sales promotion and social media.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) aims at devising a comprehensive plan that assesses and calculates the value of different marketing strategies and fuses all methods of communications into a single and all-inclusive marketing campaign. One of the targets of the IMC is to get as many customer eyes on your business as possible by covering a wide range of potential customers through influential and attractive email campaign.

Email marketing

To make your emails effective and persuasive to an extent that the recipient-which is your potential customer-is left with no option but to open the content, you need first of all be sure about the kind of decision you would like your customer to make. To enhance efficiency and response from customer’s end, it is a good idea to write one email with one specific goal in mind.

To spark a favorable response from customer, construct your message in a personal manner. It should be free of passive voice and the words must be chosen with extreme precision. Giving your email an individual and personal touch increases the chances of customer response.

Write a clear, succinct and appropriate email without putting the reader to suffer through grammatical troubles.

AIDA marketing technique

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It is a century-old selling technique that is still incorporated by marketers all over the globe.

First of all, you need to get the attention of the reader to get a respond. Make the subject line catchy enough to attract their attention or expect nothing.

Having aroused the attention of the customer to finally open your email, you’ll need to get him or her interested in your product/service too. Their interest can be obtained if you make an impressively big promise, told them a story to which they could relate or talked about a problem they happen to face.

Third step involves getting desires of the readers. The central body of the email is where you do the magic to get customers want your product or offer badly despite their preoccupation or laziness. To get the customer desire your product, you need to show them the features and benefits, give the social acceptance of your product or make it scarce.

Having acquired the desire of the customer in your offer, do the final step. Tell them to act. Tell them where to click. Do not assume reader to take action, do it for them yourself.

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