Are Social Media Marketing and PR Related?

Published: 2018-02-22 1:00 pm | admin

Often, PR and social media marketing is confused with each other and for a layman, both may seem to have the same objectives. Well, the objectives may be similar, but there is a thin blurring line that differentiates the two. Whereas social media marketing aims to target the potential customers only, PR is more about communicating with all the stakeholders that may be there in a business. The PR methodologies are also slightly different than social media marketing in the sense that PR has everything related to the success of a business which is not the case with social media marketing. We look here at the glaring differences between the two to get a fair ides of both.

  • Activity wise, both are different – PR is more related towards developing the reputation management of a business while social media marketing Dubai aims at advertising, promoting a product and creating sales out of it that can be monetarily encouraging for the business. Customers can be added up through a social media marketing campaign whereas PR can improve the overall stature of a company.
  • Marketing audience can be a subset of PR audience – Digital marketing in Dubai is more directed towards the present customer while PR audience can encompass everyone who is interested in the business or brand like media and employees certainly in addition to the customers, too.
  • The goals are quite different – For a PR professional, the goal may be to effectively channelize a positive reputation by establishing PR strategies which may be in place for any organization. The social media marketing strategy is more towards making a sale by creating enough avenues in the minds of a customer. Hence, selling product or service is the key deliverable of marketing.
  • Message trustworthiness can differ – In PR, some well known blogger or eminent person can share the views, articles or blogs that may work for a company. People can immediately connect with views like this and can be regarded as more trustworthy. Social media marketing messages, on the other hand, are more sales directed and can be viewed by a customer as a sale pitch.
  • Measure of RoI is different – Branding through marketing can be measured in terms of new customers and any type of promotional activities. These are essentially its RoI. In PR, the brand image is dealt with and a company’s image is manipulated. Therefore, measuring it cannot be so easy as there are intangible quantities attached to it and it can only be felt in the long run.
  • The time frame of result can also be different – Compared to a social media marketing exercise, PR can be more extensively laid out because it covers optimizing an entire company’s perspective in the eyes of stakeholders. The results, therefore, can be felt only through future achievements of the company. Contrastingly, media marketing can come out with faster results as the only goal is to maximize the revenue for an organization.

It is important here for businesses not to get caught up between the two as at the end of the day, both of them need to work in tandem so that the needed result can be produced. The thin blurring line will always be there between the two yet both have their own set of principles and strategies that can work to create the needed impact for an enterprise.

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