9 Rules for Company Letterhead Designing

Published: 2016-09-07 7:12 am | admin

9 Rules for Company Letterhead Designing
When you are in charge of or part of the company letterhead designing team, there are a few requirements that you should be following. If you do not follow these rules or guidelines, then you would end up wasting the time and money spent on the work. The letterheads depend on the type of business you run and are relatively simple:

1. Simplicity:

Since the purpose of a letterhead is to support and deliver the content, you should try keeping the design simple. It should not overpower the content itself. Simple designs do not have to be boring; many simple designs can be very attractive and better than the complicated ones.

2. The Right Software:

Photoshop can be used to design a letterhead, but there are more appropriate tools and software systems out there that give better results. InDesign and Illustrator are one of the top ones being used right now for print media design chores. These are tremendous tools because they have great vector graphics and help control your typography.

3. Hierarchy in Design:

It is important for you to figure out what information you want to convey with the letterhead. The most important information should be made visible and obvious, while the less important details can be shortened in size or placed in a corner not so visible.

4. The Right Details:

When making a letterhead, it should be kept in mind as to who would be using that letterhead. If it is for a specific person in the company then you could add his direct line number or if it is going to be used generally then add the general phone numbers. A few things are added in the letterhead for legal reasons, but other than that, your information should not contain unnecessary details.

5. Design for the Medium:

You should know before designing the letterhead that which medium will be used to print it. There are different modes of printing in every office and that should be kept in mind while designing a letterhead.

6. Brand Representation:

While designing a letterhead, you should focus on how the design, font, color scheme, imagery and logo represent the brand. These are important in showcasing what your brand is and what you want it to embody. Fonts are especially significant because they should not contrast, but complement the font used by the corporation.

7. Stock Characteristics:

If you are designing for print, then there is so much you can do with different paper stocks. You can choose an appealing texture to make it a very tactile experience.

8. Alignment and Positioning:

When designing a letterhead, think of the medium it is intended for and make align your design according to that. Use the medium to inspire how the logo could be placed or how you can use the space.

9. Color Scheme:

Coloring in your design could make a huge difference. Color adds charm and a spark to designs; they set the mood for your brand. But you have to be careful when using colors, as they can make or break your design.

If your letterhead does not look good it would not make a good first impression. Here is a list of some catchy and attractive letterheads that could give you some inspiration:

  • Jeremy Gardner
  • SHE
  • Wine Concepts
  • Musica
  • Monster

Letterheads do their job in catching your client’s attention. However, it is important for the client to keep their attention on you and invest in you so that you earn profits. This is why it is crucial to hire a digital marketing agency as well to enjoy endless excellence. A marketing agency would analyze what your brand needs and then come up with a strategy that would earn you profits.

Nowadays, it is harder to keep a client than in the past. Remember, your company letterhead got to be the best coupled with a robust marketing campaign to get and retain your clients-a must have to amplify business revenue.

Did this article give you an idea on how to revive your business with the help of right letterhead designing? Share your views and recommendations with us.

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