9 Reasons Audience Responses on Your Blog are Good

Published: 2016-08-09 12:46 pm | admin

9 Reasons

I met a startup fashion designer who sat across coffee table wide eyed, lamenting the damages audience comments will do to her blog if she starts a blog on her new ecommerce website. Despite my assurance, she constantly repeated how her friend received mean comments on her blog that threatened her reputation. The fear overwhelmed her so powerfully that she decided never to have a blog on her site.

This phobia of unpredictable comments can surely break your concentration from blogging for a while. Powerful stats can bring us back on the track.

According to a survey done by HubSpot, 60% of the businesses, who blog, acquire more customers. Blogs create a two-way conversation with prospects, customers and industry peers. While a business needs to publish a blog, fear of comments from audience makes them remove comments segment from their blog, but the ultimate truth is: Comments, either positive or negative are good for your business. Here is how:

They help you raise your spirits:

Only a well written and well researched blog elicits comments from your audience and their feedback. So, stay assured that your content’s high quality persuades the visitor to leave a comment. This gives you more confidence as a writer to do even better next time. Read the comment as, “Good job done” regardless of its wording.

They put a great impression on new visitors:

How many times have we scrolled down and felt jealous at the number of comments on a competitor’s blog? I reckon every time. Yes, that’s true. Having a great number of comments on a blog gives the new visitor an impression that the business is widespread and talk of the town.

It helps you get to know them better:

According to Brian Clark, founder and CEO at Copyblogger, you need to understand your audience better than they understand themselves. It pays off!

You get to spot potential guest bloggers:

Going through the comments, you can easily spot the ones that have been written in a professional manner and provide a great insight on the topic. You can go ahead and get in contact with the person who left the comment and ask him if he wants to do a guest post for you.

You can defend yourself and convince them:

Negative comments on your blog can help you revert to the comment and defend yourself right there and then. For anyone who has the same reservation, they can read your response and get their misunderstandings cleared. A genius way of building PR!

You can better shape your content strategy:

Comments from the audience will help you gauge the readership of every blog. You would know what type of content is liked by the audience and what type of content is ignored mercilessly. So, you can shape your content strategy according to that.

People will keep coming back for reply:

By replying to comments, you can engage them in a meaningful discussion. They will visit your website again and again, knowing that they are going to get responses. This will increase the number of visits to your website which is the best thing to happen to a website.

It encourages others to comment:

I always end up commenting on the blog posts that have a long thread of comments. Everyone loves to provide their input where they see a lot of people doing the same. It motivates them to give their opinion.

You can keep track of regular commenters:

You can easily make use of these comments to spot the ones who regularly comment on your blog. You can give them special offers by emailing them and letting them know they are special to you. These are the assets of your business as these commenters raise your spirits to keep blogging.

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