5 Toxic SEO Mistakes that impedes customer conversion rates

Published: 2016-07-21 11:18 am | admin

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Is SEO not working out for you? Are you not seeing the returns of your hefty investment of time, energy or resources in SEO? Web traffic and/or sales remaining static for you? Many bloggers are in the same dilemma.

Now suppose I have a keyword SEO Dubai for my article. Even though it seems irrelevant, the prevailing theory among writers is that if I insert it into my article, I make it appear more relevant to search engines.

It is popular belief that even if I use it in the most farcical manner, I will still make my article search engine friendly.

But the SEO craze in the internet community has given birth to many myths and misconceptions. Here, we’ll highlight a few mistakes that you might be making in your approach towards SEO.

Mistake 1: Trying to impress Google

Google search engine can perform many amazing feats; but buying your services and merchandise isn’t one of them. People are your consumers!

In a race to get to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), some web masters may work on SEO at the expense of content quality. They can use keywords in a way that disrupts the flow of the content.

Search Engine Optimization does not yield big bucks by itself. You need engaging and compelling content that enthralls the masses.

Mistake 2: Trying to cheat the system

It seems tempting to use cheap shortcuts to whisk your SEO troubles away. Here are a few deceptive maneuvers people employ.

  • Keyword Stuffing: Repeating keywords many times, which makes the content seem robotic.
  • Link Buying: Paying other websites to host your links without any relevance to allow Google to give your website a higher ranking.
  • Invisible Text: Hiding keywords in the background colors.

Google is improving its algorithms to detect these underhanded tactics. And if your website is caught red handed, it will be flung to page 12 of Google’s search results.

Mistake 3: Extensive use of sophisticated graphics and animations

Animations are all the rage. However, they will considerably slow down your website. A slow website translates to low ranking for search engines. And the modern internet surfer will not go exploring every crevice of the World Wide Web, no matter how visually-alluring your blog/website looks.

Use relevant images and info graphics instead.

Mistake 4: Being too concise

Why does an average Joe make a search on Google? To gain well-rounded information on a specific topic, which cannot be covered in a measly 500-word article.

Condensing information has its own drawbacks and Google recognizes it. In recent years, articles in the 1200-1500 word cap fare better in search engines than their shorter counterparts.

To make such content more engaging, you could:

  • Use Bullets
  • Insert humor
  • Use creative subtitles
  • Use shorter paragraphs

Mistake 5: Using Short-tail keywords

Long-Tail Keywords make searches more ‘narrowed down’ on Google to specific aspects to give more accurate content.

Software like HitTail and Google keyword planner can be used to identify relevant long-tail keywords.

Now, are you ready to embrace the world of SEO services in Dubai? Go ahead, but bear in mind the world is getting fast and the best business strategy is the one comprising SEO plans; bringing you the augmented customer conversion rates.

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