5 Google shopping ads campaign mistakes to avoid in 2018

Published: 2018-01-09 5:19 am | admin

Google has emerged as one of the effective marketing platform in recent years. With large number of users and effective services, Google can commit you the best marketing returns. Your ecommerce website can be effective through digital marketing strategies and Google ad campaigns are perfect for this purpose. In yester years, Google has provided countless benefits to ecommerce in UAE. It helped several businesses and companies to attract maximum customers. Nevertheless, you must avoid certain mistakes that can help you foster your digital marketing campaign. These mistakes cannot be rectified by the digital marketing agencies, so you yourself could be your savior. Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid for Google shopping ad campaigns in 2018:

Too much focus on keywords and Product Groups

The Product Listings Ads (PLAs) are getting shifted to Shopping Campaigns and formerly PLA listings required the use of product targets. Now, the products are targeted at the initial stage and the Product Groups is something more relevant to shopping campaigns. This practice helps to keep the process automatic rather than manual. The ads are automatically targeted then and you do not need to make extra Product Groups. Product Groups simply exclude products that should not be targeted and Product Groups work differently than keywords. These strategies of Product groups can help you saving a lot of marketing cost and fostering your ecommerce website promotion.

Too much focus on management of AdWords

AdWords allow you to manage your inventory and it helps you to smartly maintain your shopping campaigns. Nevertheless, you do not just need the AdWords, rather you also need custom labels outside the AdWords. Some marketers just stop after the inventory management and keyword bidding. Nonetheless, they also need Google Merchant Center to check the appearance and listing of your ads.

Do not often change the Product ID

The Product Id in your shopping campaign is attached to the quality score history. Once a product id is allocated, it is not recommended to change it because it would remove the quality score history and you will end up getting a fresh start. You can change the title and description of your product in order to make it attractive for more clicks.

Don not mix AdWords and Google Shopping Campaigns

PLAs and AdWords are managed through the AdWords Client Center. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference in order to manage both the AdWords and Google Shopping Campaigns. You have to manage the adWords through keywords and alternatively, you must manage your Google shopping Campaigns in terms of PLAs.

Do not neglect the reviews and ratings

Your product ratings and reviews are very crucial to shsape the behavior of consumers. A marketing strategy always focuses in ratings and reviews because it also gives them a room for improvement for themselves and their products. Google Shopping Campaigns gives an opportunity to use star rating system and you must implement it in order to receive the feedbacks. This practice will enable you to review your shortcomings and come up with their solutions.

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