5 Facebook advertising hacks you must know in 2018

Published: 2018-04-20 6:16 am | admin

You may have come across various articles on the internet claiming to inform and explain Facebook advertising hacks. However, the majority of these articles just rely on basic tips and advice and don’t really bother to enlighten you with actual hacks that can benefit in getting enhanced results.

In this article, we are going to update you with effective Facebook ad hacks of 2018 that are going to give you a boost on investments and will allow you to stand out of the crowd. Our tried and tested hacks will help you in these following domains.

  • To come up with engaging Facebook Ad campaigns that will surely bring the desired results
  • Achieve more sales within your budget
  • Reach more audiences and get more returns on investment
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Optimization of your ad campaigns for lower costs

When talking about some of the groundbreaking social media advertising hacks, a social channel such as Facebook, of course, will top the list. So, let’s see how experts use Facebook to maximize their chances and turn the odds in their favour.

Don’t over optimize

You may get to a point where you start thinking that you have perfectly optimized your Facebook campaign but, this could turn out to you as you have limited your ads reach by doing it too much.

So, the key to fruitful results in the form of ideal conversions would be to ensure that you never over optimize your ads.

You are lowering your ad campaigns reach by segmenting your campaign audiences into narrow groups and setting low ad budget. Facebook might not optimize your ads without correct set of data. You are losing chances of achieving high relevancy scores by scattering your ads reach too thin. So, you need to go for 1 or 2 campaigns instead of making 5 different campaigns, targeting the same audience. Also, A/B test one ad element at a time.

The unique value proposition to the image

Make sure to integrate value proposition in your main image. This will set your ad apart from others and will give a clear-cut and striking message that you want to convey. Simply saying if your image is what gets noticed first, the thing you need to do is to add your main message in the image ensuring that the text isn’t too long and has the ability to catch the attention.

Take the example of UpWork and you will grasp the idea, their ad has perfect placement of their key message “Find Your Perfect Freelancer”

Customized add schedule

There are high chances that your ads aren’t relevant to the targeted audience 24 hours of the day. For instance, people are more likely to order a zinger or sign up for Netflix instead of trying out your B2B product in the middle of the night. You need to be proactive to achieve more conversions and for this, review your Facebook ad report and know which time of the day is most fruitful for you in bringing more conversions in fewer costs.

Visit Facebook Ads manager and know the most feasible time for your ads by breaking down the campaign report by time.  Now, this data can be used to organize a customized schedule of ads enabling you to display ads to people at selected times of the day.

Inspire through emotions

If you are in B2B business then you will definitely heed the hack of using ad images that make people emotional. Adding emotional images can enhance your campaign manifold and it is also backed up by a research saying that campaigns having emotional content achieved twice as double than those having rational content only.

According to social media marketing experts, you can play bold and come up with emotions like happiness, surprise, melancholy, and excitement etc. However, make sure that the emotions added, couple with the ad and the offer. The trend of including emotions can be seen easily on Instagram and now it is coming to Facebook as well. 

Stop counting existing in the target audience

Stop offering the same ad features to someone who has already taken your offer. It feels disgusting to see the same kind of ads over and over again. These leads need to be fed with different messages through ads now. For instance, someone has subscribed to the offer that you have for them, now there is no need to spend the budget on showing your ‘subscribe now’ add to this person.

Now you can exclude the existing audience from your campaign’s audience by creating a custom audience of people who have already subscribed to the offer.

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