4 Instagram features you did not know about

Published: 2018-02-13 7:19 am | admin

A lot of people feel pretty confident with their knowledge application of Instagram- I mean, why shouldn’t they, it’s quite easy to use right? All you need to do is take a picture from that angle you love the most, or perhaps make a video, apply filters of your choice, tag a bunch of friends with your location and Whoosh! It’s on the internet. Who needs extra features right?

However, there is so much more that you can do on Instagram, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Instagram is one of the best platforms for building business brands and most entrepreneurs usually take advantage of Instagram marketing to convert sales. Often times you may not be trying to sell something on the internet, it may just be a form of campaign or simply improving your skills on social media marketing strategy. There are lots of important reasons why you should be 100% efficient on instagram. Here are 4 useful instagram features you did not know;

  • Hide adverts on Instagram

Instagram is basically social media marketing grounds, with millions of people worldwide increasing their reach to every internet user in existence. This is why most times Instagram is riddled with adverts on goods and services. Some strategies are so deliberate that you wouldn’t even know it’s an advert until you find yourself trying to buy a product! You can easily change that by hiding ads. Simply click on the “…” sign on the top right of any ad and choose the option “hide this,” Instagram would ask for your reasons and you can choose from the available options. This action would hide every post that is in that category giving you more original posts.

  • Keep up with those you are following

Often times we are captivated by other people’s posts and would like to be in the know on any activity or posts by this person or group of person. Usually you would need to go to the person’s page to see updates such as photos liked and other news feeds. Instead of going through that stress all the time just click on the Heart-shaped icon at the bottom, it would take you to your own personal feed, click following, this shows every new updates from them.

  • Clear your piled up history search

History searches can seem like quite a cluster when they pile up, but good news! You can get rid of them easily. Click on “…” option on the top right of your page, scroll to the bottom and click on “clear history” easy!

  • Smoothly eject yourself from tags

One thing that really gets on people’s nerves is being tagged to a photo or a post which they would rather not be on or even get updates on. Simply follow these steps to remove yourself from these inconveniences; go to your profile, click on the icon of a man inside a box at the top right, click on the image you were tagged on, click the “…” option, photo options, then click “hide from my profile” or in extreme cases “remove me from post.” This ensures that you do not get any updates on this thread any longer.

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