3 Common Misconceptions About Social Media Experts

Published: 2018-03-07 4:44 am | admin

3 Common Misconceptions About Social Media Experts

People might think that the job of a social media expert revolves cruising around social media sites all day long and yet get a handsome pay package. It is not as though the social media marketing Dubai experts play, like and share posts throughout the day and make a living from it. On the contrary, they have some particular well defined skill sets that put them in a different league than the rest. They ought to have a temperament that can be suitable for the job. Careful analysis and planned approach is very critical for a social media assignment. We try to break all the myth surrounding their job and a lot more in the subsequent sections where we can take a look at social media management through a more realistic prism.

  • Social media experts play on social networking sites – Identifying and posting quotes and visual graphics is only a part of the social media marketing strategy. They are more of a brand marketer for a product and can help in enhancing the value of a preferred brand that can have wide reaching implications. Their work starts from the time a campaign is conceptualized till the time it creates the desired result. They may have to plan, strategize and implement in addition to measuring the outcome of the campaign at suitable periods of time to ensure that it is moving in the right direction. Just like any other marketing techniques, their job is also cut out to plan accordingly.
  • Success in social media is not about fortune – Some less qualified social media experts may say that their job is all about luck which is not so. Digital marketing in Dubai is all about a client, its background, the business, sector that it may belong to, target customers and even the competitors. After getting an understanding of all these factors, the branding undertone can be created and efficiently conveyed across the target viewers through the social media channels. Some of the effective campaigns in recent times can all be traced back to skillful planning, research and innovativeness that has successfully culminated in ensuring dedicated customers that value a brand more than others.

Social media marketing needs focus – People might think that by just having a presence over social media, things would work out by itself, even if it’s an inactive one. But that is not at all the case in social media marketing. A misguided campaign can backfire and hurt the reputation of a brand considerably. A well thought out and well implemented strategy can only ensure a healthy return. Further, with so many analytic tools available one should find out the ROI figures so that it can make sense for any campaign to be carried out.

Apart from all these points, social media can also take quite some time for a professional so that all concepts regarding the subject can be analyzed properly and then corrective action taken for it. It is not as though it is a very tough job but a social media expert should have sufficient tactical ability together with creativity to make things click. It can be more about understanding the psyche of customers and the market.

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