2018 Word of the Year

Published: 2018-01-10 4:55 am | admin

While we have just closed the year 2017 and have reviewed it, I must say it was a great year of diversity for Dynasty and Yesgulf. I must say the magnitude of progress and innovation was immense and overwhelming. As a team we have taken several steps ahead from our traditional ways of introducing brands to the UAE market. We spent the whole of 2017 in positive creative thinking and devising innovative strategies for our clients. We added law, business development, real estate, photography, and locally run tourism industries to our portfolio, which obviously meant a lot of work, a lot of diversity and a handful of stressful pensive moments of multitasking by the entire team to make happiness possible for our clients. We have added the visual content production experts to our team and have successfully completed tourism corporate videos projects as a stepping into fresh innovative zone of content creation. Hats off to the entire team Dynasty & Yesgulf for working with total dedication and diligence.

It is with great pride and respect for the entire team’s hard work that I admire the ever growing social communities. We are now a group of 5000 plus passionate social and business networkers who share their passions in weekly and fortnightly meetups. We have stamped our marks on multiple venues in Dubai and have tied business ties with reputed restaurants to facilitate their marketing prowess.  As a group we have socialites from all industries. Our communities have attracted people from other emirates as well as other countries and various friendly networkers have been traveling from different parts of the world to Dubai to join hands with our group and share happiness in our social nights.

Each year we choose a word to focus on goal setting. This year we have chosen “Eunoia” as our team’s keyword. Dynasty & Yesgulf will focus on Eunoia which means “beautiful thinking” to enhance the inherent beauty of every brand we work with. We will focus on creativity and innovation to make our marketing efforts healthy, fruitful and powerful for brand introductions, management and development in 2018. We look forward to a wonderfully beautiful year where we will meet many new brands to work with. Happy 2018!

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